1. #HarleyQuinn as part of one of my other sets for @mondocon this weekend in Austin!! #batman75

  2. xombiedirge:

    World Premier Exclusive First Look!!!

    Marvel Masks by Jason Liwag  / Facebook / Tumblr

    5” X 5” mini giclee print series, limited editions of 25 each. Three different sets will be available, two at Jason’s booth alongside JC Richard and another exclusively at the Phone Booth Gallery booth.

    On sale September 20th-21st, 2014, at Mondo-Con in Austin, TX. 

    A very small quantity will also be held back to be made available online shortly afterwards direct from Jason’s store, HERE.


  3. Art Shows Galore!

    Hey everyone!

    So after taking a little break from shows since my 3 person show at Phone Booth Gallery, I’m back and with 3 shows!!  Well, the Adventure Time show has left us after it’s short lifespan at Gallery 1988 (WEST), but if you missed out on the show, the work is still available for purchase and viewing on their site.  As a shameless plug, here’s my piece from the show.

    A little backstory…

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  4. "Sith Lord" and "Bounty Hunter" available tonight at @ltdgallery! @starwars #starwars

  5. My #sithlord piece for the #ltdgallery @starwars art show opening tonight in #seattle produced by @cowe at #reopening

  6. Someone needs to get fired

  7. Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know that I put up my AP’s from the Native Tongue art show… http://wp.me/s17SwM-1591

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  8. About to send this bounty hunter off to #ltdgallery in #Seattle #starwars

  9. These little greeting cards will be available at @galleries1988 #crazy4cult in #newyork !! I wish I could make it out there :(

  10. I’m thankful for people like you. #philippines #typhoon #shelterbox @shelterbox @storenvy